Becker UK Invest in Digital Marketing and Upskilling Staff in 2020

By Becker UK
schedule12th Jan 21


Over the last year, Becker UK have made a conscious effort to revamp their marketing efforts through investing in both people and resources.

The advent of social distancing forced many UK manufacturing and engineering businesses to reconsider their "digital" strategy. However, Becker UK had been planning on revamping their digital marketing strategy for some time, with the events of 2020 simply accelerating this evolution.

The East Yorkshire based arm of Becker wanted to increase brand awareness and visibility, through a greater presence online. Strengthening their social media profile and digital content has been pivotal here.

The results of this increased digital marketing activity can already be seen as, since the beginning of May 2020, Becker UK's LinkedIn profile has seen an over 400% increase in followers on LinkedIn. Becker UK also continue to strengthen their online presence through recently investing in a brand-new website, providing an e-commerce strategy.

However, it is through their investment in people that Becker UK’s revamped marketing strategy is perhaps most inspiring. For example,Becker UK have been working alongside Emma Ellse Marketing Mentor and Consultant to upskill staff and improve their digital marketing department.

Hannah Kelley - who has recently gone through the process of being trained up from a Sales Admin position to a Digital Marketing role - emphasises how much she has found personal value in this challenge:

“When I was given the opportunity to move up to the Marketing role at Becker UK, I jumped at the chance. I’m very much a person who likes to challenge themselves, and as I hadn’t had any previous experience of marketing, I thought it was a great chance to learn something new. I’ve long been passionate about delivering quality customer service, and I feel that the marketing position allows me to help customers in a more proactive way.

As Becker UK moves forward marketing will be a key focus to help the company develop, and I’m very honoured to be given the chance to be a part of that. It’s been hard work so far, but hugely rewarding also. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how my role develops in the future, and how that helps Becker UK grow”

To aid in this upskilling process, Becker's global marketing departments have been regularly meeting via video call. These virtual meetings allow for marketeers from throughout the Becker worldwide family to discuss ideas and learn from their international colleagues.


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