Marine Industry

By Becker UK
schedule20th Jul 23


Experience Becker International, the leading pioneer in the marine market. Our advanced vacuum systems revolutionise the industry, being indispensable for the Ineos Britannia America's Cup Racing Team.
Our vacuum technologies shine in shipbuilding, maintenance, cargo management, and fuel transfer. They are also integral in vacuum bagging and resin infusion of ship hulls, decks, and superstructures. Our systems cater to the precision required for vacuum-forming plastic parts. We excel in onboard wastewater treatment, even powering efficient vacuum toilets.
Endorsed by the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA), our dedication to excellence is evident. Beyond these, our systems support desalination, fire suppression, and marine research, enhancing safety and sustainability in the marine sector.
Opt for Becker International for innovative vacuum systems custom-fit for your needs.

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